Example of a tripfag. Note the exclamation mark.

Tripfags are users who choose to forsake their anonymity and adopt a username, or tripcode. Tripfagging is also a verb, to post as a tripfag.

Those who tripfag do so for myriad reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Identifying as a particular poster in a topic (often the Original Poster)
  • To be identified as the creator or curator of a certain work (see Falcon)
  • Because they are attention whores (the majority of tripfags)
  • Being autistic

Those who tripfag for the first two reasons are generally tolerable, but may dip into the third aspect. The third type of tripfag can range from hilariously amusing to downright aggravating.

How to TripfagEdit


and seriously that vocaroo fag needs to cut that shit out

Famous TripfagsEdit

This list is by no means conclusive and as such will be updated periodically whenever a noteworthy tripfag arises.

  • Th !e.FaLconO6 (Best known for the The Falcon Guide, a guide designed to help people pick out parts for a gaming computer based on various price tiers. Remember to use the guide as a base
    G tripfriends

    Some of /g/'s many tripfriends.

    and do your own research)
  • Lolicon !RIZZZZZZZE (Well known for posting an image almost daily of Holo from Spice and Wolf asking Anonymous to have a great day)
  • McLinux !!num2w4zQDJQ (Known for helping literally everyone with almost everything despite /g/ not being tech support, although his bipolar-ness often dips into random trolling.)
  • King Neckbeard aka Jordan (Known for creating the Linux distribution known as TidOS, he actually died started working at toys r us about two years ago. Many fake Jordans come around from time to time impersonating him.)
  • marshviperX - Most widely known for a famous copypasta relating to hacking. However previously was a "serious poster" his trip was cracked and after spam attacks; for a while resulted in perma-bans. posting under the marshviperX#ubermicro trip now no longer results in ban.
  • Sammy !paNTieSxWM - Resident /g/ trap. Notable for frequent "panties" threads. After a 3 month disappearance where /g/ believed he overdosed on Gravol (Dramamine) and died, he resurfaced as a 23 year old Anonymous Canadian user named Sam who has bipolar/generalized anxiety disorder, living in utter squalor in a 1 room apartment with a plush toy chicken he named Charlie, which he posts pictures of in every post he makes as he spends all day on /g/ while still posting trap pics on his blog He is not well received, as he acts like a needy attention whore as of late.
  • Potato-Nord; a relatively unknown shitposter most famous for 1/5/17 D.A.C. - Day Anon Cuffed; reported by a Leaf Poster, detained 4 hours later by the FBI for Trip'fagging. Not an Esteban.
  • Romaine-sama (Shitposter who supports recolor ultrafaggotry and vore on /a/ after adopting the 'Romaine' DBZ OC. Somehow has never been banned)
  • PizzaFag !al03owolkY; known for writing the pizzafag chronicles (a greentext story about him meeting/shagging a deaf NEET girl on pizza delivery)